Board Source Owner/Founder: Born and raised in the small “funky” beach town, Leucadia CA in North San Diego County. Growing up, Jon surfed daily, skated, rode BMX, and even raced motocross professionally. A dad raising two kids, Jon kept his love for surfing even when times were tough. In 2014-ish Jon was broke and at a crossroads as he phased out of his real estate career. He started buying used surfboards, patching them up, and reselling them after a few sessions. It was fun selling surfboards to friends and neighbors while getting to try out a variety of different models and designs. Investing what little profit he made into buying more and more surfboards, Jon was now selling 100 boards out of his parent’s garage in Leucadia. The Board Source was born.

The business rapidly outgrew the garage much to the chagrin of the neighbors. Not interested in the traditional surf shop model, Jon chose the current warehouse location in Carlsbad, CA. 800 square feet felt like plenty of space. It was not… thousands of surfboards later, the Board Source now occupies 5,000 square feet with an ever-rotating stock of 600+ new and used surfboards.

Present day, Jon dawn patrols every morning with his now adult son and daughter and surfs and travels with his surfer wife, Kira. No longer a one-man show, Jon has recruited some of the best in the surfboard business to handle the day-to-day operations. His number one goal is a high level of customer service to create the ultimate board-buying experience. “My team has now taken my shop to a whole new level. Anything I did right, they do it way better.


Meet our dedicated and experienced team of surfboard enthusiasts:


Human Surf Encyclopedia, Surfy Surfy Enthusiast, Accessories Manager, and Janitor: Born and raised in Leucadia, CA J.P. (Jean-Paul) grew up slipping on wet resin in his family surfboard factory, Moonlight Glassing (founded in 1979 by his father Peter St. Pierre). J.P. started his surfboard career doing ding repair after school in the back alley of Sunset Surfboards in Encinitas. He went on to be a full-time sander/polisher at Moonlight for over 25 years. Launching the world-famous Surfy Surfy Blog in 2005, J.P. has been a voice in the surfboard world, highlighting underground shapers and alternative shapes and designs. After a shoulder injury sidelined his factory career, J.P. opened the quirky brick-and-mortar Surfy Surfy Surf Shop on the coast highway of “funky” Leucadia from 2009-2019. He was adopted by The Board Source in late 2019. 

  • CURRENT FAVORITE SURFBOARD: 6’6″ Gary Hanel Egg with Campbell Brothers 5 fin Bonzer system.
  • FAVORITE BREAK: Mushy closeout near his house. 
  • NUMBER OF BOARDS IN QUIVER: Peaked at 101 but thinks it’s down to three dozen. 
  • FAVORITE FIN/S: 3 & 5 fin Bonzers. Quads, Twins, Single Fins, and Thrusters too! (and Surf Mats).


Sales and Online Manager: Born and raised in Cornwall, England – Ashleigh has enjoyed a lifetime of surfing and working within the industry. Growing up just yards from some of the best waves in Europe, she’s been paddling out on all manner of surf equipment since she can remember. Throughout her teens and 20’s, her talents allowed her to take her longboarding to an elite competitive level. Globetrotting extensively during her surfing career, with her quiver in tow she’s gained experience far greater than her years. Prior to her move to the US, she was at the helm as owner of one of Europe’s largest surf academies. With a surf coaching career spanning over 15 years, her experience in surfing and coaching beginner to elite-level surfers is second to none. When she’s not surfing, you’ll often find her behind the lens of her camera at a local beach, or taking some runs on her snowboard in the local mountains with her husband (and fellow board sourcerer) Mike. 

  • CURRENT FAVORITE SURFBOARD: 9’2″ Tribute Noserider, Handshaped by Roy Sanchez. 
  • FAVORITE BREAK: Tea Trees, Noosa Heads. 
  • NUMBER OF BOARDS IN QUIVER: An embarrassing amount! 
  • FAVORITE FIN/S: Greenough 4A, the world’s most versatile single fin!


Sales Floor Manager: Born and raised in Encinitas, CA – Tyler grew up around the beach. Having a dad whose passion was being in the ocean, Tyler learned to surf on one of his dad’s kneeboards. Playing competitive soccer and baseball throughout his entire childhood and teenage years, surfing took a backseat to sports for Tyler until college. Having attended Point Loma Nazarene University, Tyler had access to some of the best waves in San Diego and was surfing daily – he’s been hooked ever since. He’s a versatile surfer, riding anything from a 5’2 Fish to a 12′ Glider, and everything in between. Prior to joining The Board Source, Tyler was a sales floor manager at Patagonia Cardiff. When he’s not surfing, you can find him riding his bike, playing pickleball, or snowboarding up in Oregon. 

  • FAVORITE BREAK: The least crowded one. 
  • NUMBER OF BOARDS IN QUIVER: Same number as age. 
  • FAVORITE FIN/S: Any Twinzer Setup


Sales Floor & Board Repair Specialist: Born in Northern California and whisked away to the desert at an early age, Mike found his way back to the ocean during his late teens, with a move from Arizona to San Diego. Born into a family of avid outdoor enthusiasts, from an early he age took to wakeboarding, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Drawn to surfing and the ocean, and inspired by frequent visits to his surfing uncle in Carlsbad – since his first surfing lesson at San Elijo, he’s been hooked. Upon his move to San Diego, he worked as a surf instructor and kayak guide. An avid and skilled surfer, shortboarding is Mike’s passion and he’s out whatever the conditions or weather (even after the rain, yuck!). Prior to joining The Board Source Team, Mike managed a large local surf shop and has many years of experience with surfboard sales, and is a ding repair pro. When he’s not surfing (which isn’t often), watching surfing, or talking about surfing you’ll find him Snowboarding, Fishing, Hiking, cuddling his cats, and enjoying the great outdoors. 

  • FAVORITE BREAK: Oceanside Pier. 
  • NUMBER OF BOARDS IN QUIVER: Not quite as many as his wife (Ashleigh)
  • FAVORITE FIN/S: Endorfin 2+1 set