Selling surfboards can be a total hassle… I try and make that process much easier.

I Buy surfboards and do Trade-In’s

– Keep in mind that I need to buy your board at a price that I can make a profit but I try to be as reasonable as possible.

– I don’t buy all surfboards. Some are just too hard to resell.

– Text or Email me Brand, Dimensions and general Condition and I’ll let you know if it’s a board I would be interested in seeing.

– I can’t give price estimates without seeing the board first hand.

I buy and sell boards by appointment and am pretty flexible time wise. Feel free to contact me to set a time to come by.

Jon Faure

1945 Camino Vida Roble Suite O Carlsbad, CA 92008

About the Board Source

I am a warehouse based surfboard reseller located in Carlsbad, CA - North County San Diego. I Buy, Sell and take Trade-in’s on Surfboards. I have over 150 new and used surfboards in my inventory. I buy and sell boards by appointment but I have a very flexible schedule. Feel free to call or text me to set a time to come by. – Jon (760) 612-8100

Cash, Credit, Debit, Paypal and Venmo accepted. All Board Source inventory is posted and updated daily. As boards sell, they are immediately marked Sold.

Brands We Carry and Like to Ride

Andreini, Campbell Bros, Chris Christenson, Eric Christenson, Furrow, Gary Hanel, Joel Tudor, Larry Mabile, Mandala, Mitsven, Machado, Rainbow, Choice, Rich Pavel, Ryan Lovelace, Tyler Hatzikian, Jeff McCallum, Donald Takayama, Bing, Hollingsworth, Iron Cross, Kies, Easy Button, Blackbird, Hage, Yater, Vulcan, Byzak, Mason, Stamps, Zen, Hap Jacobs, Gato Heroi, Gary Hanel, Album, Anderson, Hess, Becker, Gordon & Smith, Davenport, Dead Kooks, Wisdom, Josh Hall, Skip Frye, Wegener, Harbour, Cooperfish, Mike Hynson, Eaton Surfboards, Walden Surfboards, Stewart Surfboards, Dale Velzy, Dano Surfboards, Robert August, Pendoflex, Lost, Channel Islands, Chemistry, Firewire, Hayden Shapes, JS, Rusty, Von Sol, Superbrand

Easy Button Surfboards

Easy Button is the in-house label for It’s a user friendly, fun and affordable line of boards that are all American made.

Easy Button Surfboards

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