Easy Button Surfboards

Easy Button is the in-house label for TheBoardSource.com. It’s a user friendly, fun and affordable line of boards that are all American made. It was created to fill the need for high quality, made in USA boards as an alternative to buying low quality boards made overseas or spending huge dollars on a surfboard before you know if it’s the right board for you. Easy Button’s line of boards caters to beginner – intermediate surfers that are wanting to progress quickly. Easy Button also been a huge hit among more experienced surfers who want to just want to catch a ton of waves and have a good time.

The key features of all the Easy Button models is that they are easy to paddle, easy to catch waves on and super fun to surf!

Easy Button is here to help make sure you select the right board for your size, fitness and skill level. To often new surfers spend money on a board that is not right for them and they end up frustrated. I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen and you end up the the right board that helps you progress in your surfing.